Data Protection

Please be assured that the only data we have about you is what you, or the website you have used to get in contact with us, has sent. This information remains only in our email in box or on our mobile phones if you have sent us a text message or talked to us. We store your information only because we need it to ensure you have an enjoyable stay at our cottage.
We never have and never will pass any of your information on to any other party without your specific consent.
After your holiday, and after we have been able to check the cottage and ensure there is nothing you have left behind that we can return to you, we have no further use for your information. It just stays where it is and we don’t tend to look at it again.
If you are worriedData Protection about this and would like us to delete your data from our computers and mobile devices one week after the end of your stay please send an email to and we will be happy to oblige.