South Downs Blog

This has been an exceptional year and now the autumn colours are spectacular. Somehow the trees are still reluctant to shed the last of their leaves. Wonderful.

I understand that there is something else to look out for on your walks in the South Downs. The Sussex Wildlife Trust has video footage of an Otter busy in a river in ‘mid Sussex’. Take a look on their web site. You will find it if you press ‘more’ on the News Section on their home page.

Otters have been slow to return to Sussex. Reports suggest that a sighting in 2017 was the first in the county for over fifty years. I still spend a lot of my time waiting for Otters to appear in Shropshire, Wales, Scotland and occasionally Ireland, but so far they have always remained unobserved. Well I am sure that they have been watching me its just that I havn’t been able to see them!